Children and Drugs: Tips to Prevent Accidental Exposure

Did your child accidentally get exposed to drugs recently (no not the illegal kind.) Even though you can use these tips for the same purposes, this article is not about those type of drugs.  If your child was exposed to that type of illegal substance, I hope they put your child in a home, were the family actually cares about the child.  Obviously, you didn’t care about them or their well being.

With how children are growing up and learning in the “New Era,” parents are starting to do everything in front of their children.  Now this is a good thing, but it is also a bad thing, which we will discuss in a minute.  For individuals who have medical marijuana licenses and individuals who live in states where marijuana is legal, these tips are for you too.

In my Personal opinion though, if you smoke or take medical drugs or take anything in front of your toddler slash infant, you are only teaching them take it’s okay for them to take them too. Then they learn how to open the container themselves, by watching you open them. The common mistake that parents make quite often, is thinking that your child is not watching you.  Thinking that your child can’t comprehend what you are saying or doing or is not strong enough to open the container.

Even with prescription containers with child-resistant and other forms of safety packaging, children are learning to adapt to the ever changing circumstances.  Since 2016 alone, more than 30,500 reports to poison control centers have been recorded. Ninety-three percent of those cases have been from addictive prescription drugs, like opioid for pain relieve. Here are some great ways to prevent your child from being accidentally being exposed, to one of your Prescription drugs or someone who visits.

Prevention Tips

  1. Put medication away after use.
  2. Make sure the safety cap is secure and locked.
  3. Talk to your children who are older enough to comprehend.
  4. Make sure any visitors to your home keeps their medications away and out of sight as well.
  5. Be prepared in the event your young child does ingest medicine.

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