Robert Jones


Being the new kid on the block, means doing research you have never done before. Looking for clients, researching their submission guidelines, etc.

So recently in my endeavor to find my first, freelance gig or freelance client I came across Trionds. Now I found their name on a list of clients that pay for you to write articles for them. I contacted them and whoever runs this site was just bluntly rude and took everything I said as a joke, but this is how the conversation went.

So I sent them a message, asking them about how to create an account on their site and I believe I got a response from them the next day or that very same day.

Long story short, Pankaj Sharma took what I said as a joke. I mean literally a joke.”Ha ha ha.” I would suggest to anybody who has them on your list, take them off. They are straight rude and I don’t think anybody, would want to deal with them.


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