The internet effects our Intelligence

In today’s time, technology has become apart of our everyday lives. Most individuals ages fourth and up, has some form of technology device or has come in contact with one at home or at school. The internet is an amazing asset for everyday lives, for learning, experiencing things we may not be able to experience, play games and other things too.

People would argue that the internet is having a sever impact on our children’s intelligence, but that is not necessarily true. What you let your children view is on you? How long you let your child spend wasting on non-educational tasks? So if, you let your child waste time on the internet, of course the internet is going to have a negative impact on your child.

The internet, is only a bad resource when you let your child use it for things that doesn’t contribute to their intelligence. This is different though, for young people you use the internet to start a business and sell products because they are a entrepreneur or an individual who uses the internet for their creative work. That being said, let’s dive straight into this article with how the internet could affect our intelligence.

When using the internet in school, younger kids should always be monitored on what exactly they are doing.  If the teachers aren’t doing what they are supposed to and using the technology to entertain the kids in a meaningful and learning way, then eventually the internet will start to affect your child’s intelligence in a negative way.  If the teachers are teaching the children, then the internet will be a benefit for the child as they grow up.  Being able to use the internet, also gives a child to research, learn and to be creative in things they do daily.

With every great development or breakthrough, there are bound to be issues. People like to embarrass people, so they took to the internet, hence coined the phrase “Cyber Bullying.” 1 in 10 adolescents or teens have had embarrassing or damaging pictures taken of themselves without their permission, often using cell phone cameras and then posted on the internet. Cyber bullying and bullying ( we are talking about both subjects because it’s basically the same effect), has caused great harm and some have even committed suicide.

Yes, we need better security to protect our children from the negative effects of the internet, but if we work together, anything is possible.


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