Heaven’s Gate

In 1997, one of the most dangerous and far-fetched cults basically ended. That’s right, “Heaven’s Gate,” the weird but intriguing UFO cult that was founded in San Diego, California by Marshall Applewhite and his wife Bonnie Nettles in 1974. On March 26, 1997, the thirty-nine members who the couple had recruited,(Including Marshall Applewhite) took part in a mass suicide to reach a spacecraft they believed was trailing Comet Hale-Bopp.

Why people would think that, you can reach any type of thing by committing suicide? Whether it’s a plane, UFO, a different planet, etc, is preposterous and unbelievable in the utmost sense.( I am not judging anyone, who this may be their religion.) It just’s, if someone tells you that you can reach a UFO, basically intelligent beings by killing yourself, you can kind of see why they don’t ever answer our signals.

History says that Marshall Applewhite was the cult leader and mastermind, but in reality was it really Bonnie, seeing she is the one who convinced him that extraterrestrials had foretold to her of their meeting. Hearing that, convinced Marshall that he had a Devine assignment.

So in reality Bonnie Nettles started “Heaven’s Gate,” by prying on other people’s disabilities and mental dysfunctions. She even convinced him that he had a higher purpose and together they recruited followers to their cause. There is really different things to consider, when we speak about this cult.

In the end the results were the same, all thirty-nine members of this cult participated in a mass-suicide that hopefully got them to that amazing, yet unobtainable spaceship. The only person to not go was indeed, Bonnie Nettles.

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