Self-Driving Truck: The Future of Tech

In our current time, technology continues to develop rapidly thanks to us millennials who continue to push the boundaries that the world say, ‘Have been established.’ Self driving cars, self driving truck, what’s next, “flying transport trucks.” The future is here, faster than anyone guessed before.

People are caught in a web of lies and deceit, they fail to ask; Are self-driving trucks really a good idea? In our current time of history, no they are not. They are not a good idea because people can still teach cars to be racist, by injecting code into the cars system to, “Avoid Caucasian-Americans, but hit African-Americans,” or any other race at that.

If would be a great development in technology, but other pressing issues are blocking the way for these Self-Driving vehicles. Some cities have self driving buses on display, like Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida. If we could push past these stupid problems, then the possibility of cheaper transportation can begin.



Categories: Technology

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