The Panama Canal: Gateway to the Gulf of Mexico

Was Roosevelt right about building a Panama Canal?

The question that still burns till this day, was Roosevelt, and in my opinion. YES!! He created a shortcut through a giant landmass and then gave the authority of protecting the area back to Panama City. Not only did it create a shorter route for cruise ships and cargo ships, but it also created more wealth for both countries.

Since 1903, the development of the canal was a force to be reckoned with. Who would have thought, that the canal would be completed in eleven years.

The first ship to sail through the Panama Canal, when it officially opened in 1914, was the “SS Ancon.” Over time though, the Panama Canal developed into what it is today, a great economic benefit.

The Panama Canal is now one of the most quickest routes in and out of the Gulf of Mexico and also the Coast of Florida.


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