Relationships & Age

Does age matter in relationships?

With relationships these days, people are starting to assume that age doesn’t matter. Their right, age doesn’t matter, but it does matter in some ways. I say this because being a pedophilia, is not okay and it is not a disease either. (We won’t be talking about pedophils much, but pedophils will come up.)

With that being said, the age barrier that used to exist, is becoming non-exist. Women around the age of thirty-nine are with guys who are nine-teen to twenty years old. That is also, where the word cougar was coined. Some guys who are in their twenties are dating older women, who have more experience. In my personal opinion though, some people are just in it for the benefits. In today’s, time though a lot of these older women actually want to be with these young guys because they care about them.

One thing I do not condole though and is completely and utterly disgusting, is a man over nine-teen dating someone who is like younger than seven-teen. Or someone dating a child that’s like twelve or younger and they are over third-teen. My child wouldn’t be dating someone, until their five-teen anyways.

The thing about relationships is, that love can develop at any stage, but you have to know what is appropriate and what’s not. But with the latest events that have been taking place, pedophils are once again on the rise, worse than ever before.

So, if someone was to ask me if, age matters. I would mostly say,” Yes, age does matter in relationships. It matters very much.”


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