Top 3 things to know about Marriage

People jump into marriages without fully knowing, that when you commit, you do swear to protect each other, you swear to never betray each other. Not every relationship, is going to be perfect, Sticking around just tells her or him, that you don’t care about their problems and you are there for them.

For The Husband

1. It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how strong you are. If you make even one mistake, you may pay for it for a very long time. You may think of it as, ” Not that serious,” but it is to her, even if she says she doesn’t care. In reality, she cares about everything, whether it affects her or not.

2. When you both stand there at the alter or however you decide to get married, you both say yes, that means you also accept all of her problems too. Her insecurities, her struggles, the things that keep her up at night, etc. Before you say yes, make sure you are sure about wanting to be together. Personally, happiness is the key to success and everything else. Don’t waste her life, getting married to her and then you don’t care about what is going on with her or you never cared about her. That will only make it harder for the next person, who really wants to love her.

3. Be prepared to keep her stable, to let her know you got this. Make sure she knows how much you love her everyday. Never go to sleep, without making up. You will wake up with regret, sorrow, and bitterness. Things will start to change, every time you let this mistake happen.

For the wife

1. Remember why you love him. At times you may want to kill him, but most of the time a nice conversation will go a long.

2. If you ever get to see us break down, it’s for a reason. So just hold him, comfort him and he will tell you what’s up in due time.

Talking and loving each other is the most important thing, things will be tough at times. Sometimes times will be easy, but loving each other will also prevail.


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