Top three things to remember this Summer

Every year summer comes and goes ( or the time being at least), but time and time again, people don’t to things they should every summer, or at least once a year. Here three three things to remember this summer.

1.Making the most of this season by planning trips and making memories. Even if you can’t travel, there are still great places you can visit right in your own back yard. You can visit local places like the beach (if your state even has one), the museum, the aquarium, even a simple picnic in your back yard can make a summer memorable.

2. Set your priorities straight. Handling priorities before anything else is key to surviving the summer time. For instance, if you have to pay bills, go on vacation and finishing the current semester of school. Obviously paying your bills is first in line, then finishing the current semester of school and finally going on vacation.

3. Wear sunblock. Some people may find it only necessary to wear sunblock when they are going to go swimming, or are at the beach or trying to get a suntan. In reality though, if the temperature outside reaches a certain degree your body is not comfortable with, you may just end up with a sunburn.

You always have to have the major events set, established and tucked away before you try and do anything exciting. Also stay tuned for a short list of places to visit this summer in Atlanta, Georgia.

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