Top 3 fun activities for kids this summer ( 10 & under)

It may seem like summer can be boring, filled with possibly summer school, video games, sleeping and other things. Here are some fun activities to keep your children entertained during the summer.

1. Bake cookies for ice cream sandwiches

It’s a really simple way to give your kids and treat for a long successful school year or just a summer treat, period.

2. Volunteer at a nature center

Volunteering at nature centers are a great way to visit places for free and teach children about the great outdoors. Just make sure to keep them close because it is the great outdoors.

3.Visit the beach and collect shells

To date, collecting sea shells by the sea shore ( I can’t believe I said that) is still very interesting to children of all ages. Younger children, will still appreciate the suspense of the mysterious ocean in each shell.

4.Make a fort out of cardboard boxes

Over the generations, some kids imagination have disappeared completely at a young age. There are still some who’s imagination soar higher than others. So test the waters this summer and see if your child has what it takes to defend his own fort.

5.Set up a lemonade stand

Letting your child run their own lemonade aid stand this summer is a great way to teach your child(ren) about work, responsibility, business, money, respect and fun this summer.

6.Have a water balloon fight.

I still remember when I was young and water ballon fights were the best thing. Water ballon fights are still a great way to cull down during the summer time.

7.Make a bird house out of Popsicle sticks.

One creative way to keep your kids entertained, is to build a Popsicle stick bird house. Just imagine the excitement from your kids when they see the first bird visit.

8.Make paper boats and race them in a kiddie pool using straws to propel them.

Paper boat racing, is still a classic favorite of mine. Most people would say that the craft has come to an absurd end but critics couldn’t be more wrong.

9.Visit a fire station.

Visiting a fire station this summer, would be a fun and exciting thing to do with your children. What’s more fun then learning about fire safety oh, wait it’s summer.

10.Run through the sprinklers.

This photo was used instead, due to children at play.

For when your on a strict budgets during the summer, turn on the sprinklers and let your children run around. I still remember when I used to run through the sprinklers, best part about summer

11.Volunteer at an animal adoption organization.

A great way to spend a summer or part of your summer, is to volunteer at your local adoption agency. You can have a chance to make some lonely animals very happy, expand your volunteer portfolio and help the local staff who are probably overwhelmed.

There are plenty of our great ways to spend your summer, whatever you decide to do with it. This is not a complete list and it doesn’t try to be, but remember to have fun during your summer, it only comes once and the next will not be nothing like the last.


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