Questions for the universe

Recently I came across a idea, writing questions for the universe. I know its probably silly to even be writing about this, but it doesn’t make you think and helps you to develop other posts.

1. What really happens, when you enter the Bermuda Triangle?

I mean, come on do you really travel in time or do you just head to the center of the earth or possibly wash up in a cave system where people have actually started a whole race. I guess that was kind of a question filled with several other questions.

2. Is there intelligent life somewhere other than earth?

I would like to believe we aren’t the only intelligent life, especially with how much is really out there. What if though, other intelligent beings won’t contact us because they believe we are the ones not intelligent. What if, they have already established the capability to get to the end of earth’s solar system in a minute?

3. Will people ever work together?

People will probably never learn to work together, especially outside of their own race and maybe not even with their own race. It’s sad and difficult trying to build something great, to only be torn down later.

These are just some questions, I would ask aside from the usually questions. What really happened in the beginning? Do aliens really exist. All those questions really aren’t important to me and some have actually been fabricated.

Let me know done below what you would ask and follow this blog for all the latest posts.

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