Month: July 2018

Final Winter by Iain Rob Wright (Book Review)

Whoever thought you could get stuck in a pub with complete strangers? Is that pure evil lurking outside or something else completely? The winter storm of the century just took off because of one man, or is it possibly an extinction event that just might be the end of everything supreme.


Guest Post: Signs that you are ready for the next level in your relationship

If you often find yourself asking “Should I Propose?”, “Is the time right?”, “Are we there yet?”, you probably are there already! The nervousness and the pleasant anxiety is bound to put doubts in your mind, and why shouldn’t it, it is after all a life-changing decision. For some, it takes years to reach that level, for some they have butterflies in their tummy on the second date itself. Here are a few of the signs that you are ready to take your relationship t the next level.