How-to Update your Iphone Device

With more people leaning towards IPhones this year and apples latest update IOS12 coming out this year, every user needs to know how to update their IPhone. This year Apple is getting serious, this is how you Update your IPhone device.

Step one is to find your setting icon, like in the photo shown below. Tap on the icon to be taken to your setting, this is where you will also be able to change everything else pertaining to your IPhone device. Please excuse the cute and adorable baby in the background.


You will be taken to a white background screen, with several icons like the ones in the photo below.

Scroll down until you see a icon that says, general. It will have the same icon as the setting’s icon, like in the photo below. Tap on the icon, to be taken to the next screen.

On the next page, you will see the icons like in the photo below. Click on software update, to check to see if there is an update for your device.


You will see in the photo below, my phone is already up to date. You will know if your phone needs to be updated or not, because it will ask you to download.


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