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Guest Post: 15 Changes to make to live a Better Life

If you want to have good health all year, then you have to make some simple changes and it is what experts are calling “Lifestyle Medicine.” These changes include stress management, exercise, and diet. Everyone was born to have a chance of living an awesome life and it should be filled with connection, happiness, fulfillment, and celebration. However, most of the time we have the tendency to get carried away with the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we take in negative energy from what’s around us.

It is possible to have a beautiful and happy life regardless of what you have right now, by making proper decisions and following these tips:

1. Mindfulness

I am sure you have been told to try meditation, especially such an activity like yoga. The truth is being mindful, is more achievable than any kind of meditation you hear about, because you do not need a lot of practice for it. You only need 15 to 30 minutes a day to meditate.

2. Start exercising


People who have regular exercise live longer by 5 to 7 years compared to someone living a sedentary lifestyle. Walking, is a weight-bearing exercise that strengthens bones. Doing aerobic exercise is recommended for the heart. Make room for at least 30 minutes a day for any physical activity.

3. Enough sleep


You can try yoga, meditation, or eating a small snack before bedtime, can help your body shift to sleep mode. Dimming your lights and not looking at the clock helps you fall asleep too. If you have too many thoughts, write them down to get a better perspective and prevent you from worrying about them.

4. Do what you love


If your passion is creative writing, playing badminton, or teaching children, make time for it. You will discover that if you are doing what you love, you are going to have joy and that really sounds like an excellent way to make your life more exciting.

5. Smile more


Smiling has been proven to boost your mood and give you happier hormones. The body is able to dictate what the brain will think. It is noticeable in angry and depressed people that they barely smile. On the other hand, happy people do not need to make an effort to smile because they just do.

6. Find a midday activity to energize you


You probably would have predicted this already, but it is just as important as having a schedule for your evenings and mornings. Having a midday activity can relieve you of a midday crisis later on.

7. Do not smoke


Adults who smoke are exposing themselves to toxic chemicals and have a shorter lifespan of 10 years than people who have never smoked. Once you quit smoking, those years can be added back which means there is still hope and it is not too late to let go of this habit.

8. Drink a glass of water after waking up


You should always hydrate. Drinking a tall glass of water when you wake up is invigorating and it gets your metabolism rolling. It is also helpful in flushing out harmful toxins that could still be lingering.

9. Manage your stress


A lot of health conditions are due to chronic stress. The adverse effects of stress come from the immune system’s inflammatory reaction. A gentle exercise like yoga, getting a massage and meditating daily can help manage stress.

10. Be in good company


Having personal relationships with people who are toxic and have unhealthy habits is something you should avoid. When you only keep healthy relationships, it is going to have a positive effect on your well-being. You can influence these people to eat healthier or start exercising so that all of you will be happy in the long run.

11. Help others

When you have achieved your own goals, contributing to someone’s life is what you can do next. You can volunteer, do charity, or simply do random acts of kindness to people who need it will give your life more meaning. If you know you are making an impact, you will have a sense of fulfillment that leads to happiness.

12. Stay connected to people

People with a strong social network live longer compared to those who choose to live a solitary life. Based on research, the stress hormone cortisol has a lesser impact when a person has family and friends to lean on.

13. Be generous

When we are generous with our time, thoughts and abilities, we feel better about life. Living a life without sharing eventually becomes lonely and being generous to others will make them feel great about you and they will help you feel more joyful towards life no matter what.

14. Practice tactfulness

Words are very powerful and they can either uplift or cut down a person. Regardless of what the consequences are in making unfair assumptions or judgments about people, always think before saying anything. Make sure it is true, necessary, and kind.

15. Do productive tasks


Set aside 30 minutes a day to do all the nitty-gritty tasks that you have been procrastinating on doing. This is going to prevent you from having to multi-task later on when you need to rush something for work. It also helps with your time management skills when a big task comes up.

It is those small things that make life more meaningful and living luxuriously is a misconception people have about happiness. If you follow these 15 tips given, you are on your way to living a better life.

Regina Carballo

Regina Carballo is a dedicated writer, to the work she produces for her varies clients. Click here to be taken to her full bio.


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