Top 4 Countries to travel to all year long

Summer may be winding down in most parts of America but there are still some great countries that enjoy summer all year long. India, Florida, Maldives, are all some great places to be any time of the year.

4. Malta

Malta located off the Southern coast of Italy, is home to unitary parliamentary republic. With several recommended places of interest and the average temperature being 73 degrees, Malta is sure to be a great place to visit.


The Manoel Theatre

Built in 1732, with seating for more than six hundred twenty-three people, the Manoel Theatre is still the oldest theatre in operation in the Commonwealth of Nations. Some of the most recognizable celebrities have attended an event at the theatre like; John Neville, Boris Christoff, Mirella Freni, Steve Hackett, Mstislav Rostropovich, and many others.

Valletta Waterfront


Valletta is home to Malta’s tourist division and home to Malta’s capital. Valletta’s Waterfront, receives way over 28,000 tourists a year. With Valletta being also home to some of the oldest warehouses and museums on the island, there is plenty of excitement to go around.

3. Brazil

Brazil, home to Mount Chile and Argentina, two of the best places to visit in Brazil. With an average temperature of around 85 degrees, the climate is sure to bring out even the loveliest flower of Brazil. With 2017 being the highest tourist numbers have ever been, at a record of 6.6 million visitors, Brazil is set to be one of the busiest countries.


Christ the Redeemer 


The Christ the redeemer statue, is a tourist attraction that brings in over at 4.6 million visitors every year. With a long way up, it is sure to also be a challenge for every athletic engineer.

Sugarloaf Mountain


Sugarloaf mountain may very well be the strangest name for a mountain, but it is very well interesting that the mountain actually looks like a loaf of bread. Brazil has established a lift, leading to the top of the mountain.

2. Thailand

Thailand, home to some the most famous cities, like Bangkok, Cambodia and Vietnam. Some of the greatest people like Yasmin Lee, Matt Sharp, Treechada Petcharat and other great names have come from Thailand, which is what makes Thailand such a great country.


Doi Inthanon National Park


Doi Inthanon National park is home to 16 different species and is home to the country’s highest mountain, “Doi Inthanon,” also known as “the roof of Thailand.”

The Grand Palace


The grand palace, one of the most decorated castles per say, is a true work of art. The palace has been the residence of the Kings of Siam since 1782, standing at the heart Bangkok, Thailand. If you are visiting, bring a large amount of money with you, only locals get in free.

1. India


New Delhi


New Delhi, the Capital of India serves as the seat for the three branches of government in India.

Aga Khan Palace 

The Aga Khan Palace was built in 1892 during the Indian Freedom movement and served as a prison for such leaders like; Mahatma Ghandi and Kasturba Ghandi.

Whether your looking to learn so India history or just looking for a great vacation spot, India has some of the best history.


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