Guest Post: 12 Essential Tips for Travelers

It is awesome to travel by yourself, because of the experience and lessons you will gain from it. There will be tough times and you can end up getting exhausted after a long day of touring the place, but it is absolutely brilliant and life-changing. Additionally, solo travelling is also a skill and each time you travel to a different country, you will discover that it is not always the same. You will meet new people and discover other cultures.

If you are thinking about traveling, there are very useful tips here that you can use to make your trip a lot better and more well-planned. Here are 12 tips you can follow to prepare you for traveling solo:

1. Have enough savings for the entire trip

It is great to return from a trip without worrying about what you still have to pay. Before you go, make sure that you have saved up and everything all your bills are already paid for. Enjoying the delayed gratification is such a good feeling.

2. Pay attention to people

It does not matter how long you will be staying in a place, because the 1st thing you should do to when you are in a new place is to visit a busy place, get a coffee and just watch people. This is an easier way of knowing about the country’s culture compared to what a guidebook can tell you. What you will learn can be used to interact with everyone around you.

3. Stay informed

See if there are any warnings about the destination(s) you are going to visit by looking online under their foreign affairs or country news website. Your government’s site will allow you to register to let them know you are traveling abroad so they can inform you if there are crises about the country you are about visit. Find out about reliable internet hotspots you can go to once you arrive.

4. Find great deals to book while traveling

Once you have decided on your destination, you can start looking for the best flight deals you can find. You can check out for awesome flight prices without sacrificing your safety or experience during the flight. Since you are traveling alone, you can choose any date and time to leave because prices may also vary depending on the date and time.

5. Be prepared for danger

This is especially important since you will be traveling alone and carrying a pepper spray or a safety whistle can save your life. You can put it in your bag because they now come in different sizes and having it with you gives you a peace of mind. If the area you are staying in is sketchy, bring a rubber doorstop to shove under the door so no one can break in during your sleep. If you are in an overnight train, use your belt to secure the door.

6. Pack wisely

When traveling by yourself, your essentials should be in your carry-on so that in case your luggage gets lost, the important things are with you. That means clothes for changing, medication, walking shoes, IDs, and technology. Scatter your cash and credit cards into several spots so that if any of them gets lost, you have a back-up. Wear comfortable clothes and always bring emergency cash with you.

7. Adapt to where you are

You need to be proactive and if you are not sure about yourself, seek help. Standing in a spot and looking confused will not take you anywhere and the wrong people might even notice you. It will be very strange for you to ask the wrong people for information so do not hesitate to approach people and ask for help. You will never know who is just lurking around the area looking for their next victim.

8. Inform someone back home where you will be

You can type on a google sheet that you can easily share to keep people back home updated about your accommodation names and other trip details.

9. Do not drink too much

You should understand your alcohol tolerance levels and you can apply this when drinking. This applies to both male and females because getting drunk in public is rubbish, especially when you are not in your own country. Dealing with a hangover the next day wastes time and you adventure will not be as enjoyable.

10. Be creative

It is only wise to not disclose to strangers that you are traveling alone. Saying white lies are perfectly okay like telling people you are waiting for someone until you are sure they can be trusted. You can be creative in hiding your hotel keys and cash somewhere safe while going for a swim in a pool or beach.

11. Book accommodations that are friendly for solo travelers

Book a hostel, homestay, Airbnb or a small inn that has high ratings for solo travelers. You can always find them online and check out legitimate websites that give names of accommodations that are perfect for solo travelers.

12. Learn a few words

If you know a few words in their local language, you will go a long way and it is beneficial to you financially as well. In addition, this shows respect for the culture of your destination and it will be hard for you to get around and meet locals.

For anyone who has thought of traveling solo, these are reminders that can help in any trip. Regardless of what you need to prepare for, do not forget to have fun and get the most out of your trip!



Regina Carballo

Regina Carballo is a highly dedicated writer who believes writing is a passion, that now everybody has, but is a skill that everyone can use to be successful in life. Click here to see her full profile.



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