Ravage by Iain Wright (Book Review)

Ravage by Iain Wright

ISBN: 9781490311197

Publisher: SalGad Publishing Group

Publication Date: January 13, 2014

Length: 322 Pages

Price: $11.95

Language: English

Just when you thought, nobody could possibly make another zombie apocalypse novel, you discovered Ravage by Iain Wright. Iain is a remarkable storyteller who has defined and shaped his stories to share an experience like none other.

When I first started reading “Ravage,” I believed it was going to be just another boring zombie apocalypse book. It started out like any other day, before anyone has realized that the world has ended. Iain takes readers across multiple realities, while bringing people to understand the difficult decisions the characters must make. From cracking your child’s head open to running with convicts to hiding out in an amusement park from the dead, ravage is the perfect book for every fan. Click here to pick up your own copy.

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