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Guest Post: Signs that you are ready for the next level in your relationship

If you often find yourself asking “Should I Propose?”, “Is the time right?”, “Are we there yet?”, you probably are there already! The nervousness and the pleasant anxiety is bound to put doubts in your mind, and why shouldn’t it, it is after all a life-changing decision. For some, it takes years to reach that level, for some they have butterflies in their tummy on the second date itself. Here are a few of the signs that you are ready to take your relationship t the next level.

When you disagree but don’t disrespect.

Disagreements and fights are common in every relationship, but that’s when you fight fair and don’t hit below the belt. Abusing, name-calling and hurtful allegations are not signs of a healthy relationship. After you fight, you make-up, you forgive and forget. Both of you need to  avoid playing the blame-game and bringing up old issues.

When you accept your partner the way they are.

Sounds like a real cliche, but it is a very positive sign to accept our loved ones the way they are. That includes all their bugging and annoying habits, their farts, their digging their nose, their snoring and their sleeping with an open mouth. If you love your partner, despite all this, it is the right time to pop the question.

When you work as a team.

When it comes to making a decision or a plan, both of you do it together. You care about each others’ likes, dislikes and opinion. Being a team doesn’t only mean doing the household work together, it also includes appreciating each other’s efforts.  You accept the successes and defeats equally.

When you are ready to let go of your ego.

If you are ready to change I, me and mine into We, our and ours, that too for years and years to come, you are probably ready to take the plunge. You are prepared to keep your partners needs, if not above than at least at an equal platform. When you realise saying Sorry, is way easier than being angry.

When you start tolerating each other’s family and friends without whining.

It is often said, you don’t just marry a person, you marry his/her family too. If you have a good rapport with his/ her friends and family, consider yourself lucky. But if you don’t get along with them very well, and can still be positive and civil, even if it’s because of your partner’s sake, it’s a big sign that you are Ready!

When you can trust each other.

If you have something to share or confess, you don’t feel scared of your partner. You share all the good, the bad and the ugly, trusting that you won’t be judged, and would still be loved and understood. You have seen your partner at his/her worst, be it illness, family issues etc., and have still loved them as much, you are going strong and in the right direction.

When being together is not a duty.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you both need to be together all day, every day! You enjoy doing things that you like together, and not because you ‘have to’. And if you or your partner wants to spend some time alone or with friends, the other doesn’t make you feel guilty of doing so. When your identity is not dominated by your relationship, it means you are doing great, and maybe its time to go ahead.

When your life is in order.   

Don’t be a dreamer when it comes to making the most important decision in your life. Be smart and be wise. Remember, no matter however deep your love and devotion may be, money matters. You both should be aware of each other’s financial capacities. If you do or can discuss your salaries, your savings, your investments and your future plans in a sensible and practical manner only then think of popping the question.

When you know your partner is gonna say ‘Yes’!

Well, of course, there is that element of surprise and worry, but deep down you probably know what your partner is thinking. You both may have spoken of how beautiful someone’s engagement ring was, or how lovely a honeymoon in Venice would be! But if on the other hand you have doubts and are concerned that the chances of your proposal getting accepted are iffy, you might wanna wait a little more and avoid scaring your partner away.

When you just know it!

Sometimes, you just need to trust your gut, and everything would fall into place. If you always picture your future with your partner, and you feel that no matter what, you won’t give up on your partnering neither would they, listen to your heart and put a ring on it!

The only one who can answer this is you!

There is no such thing as a Perfect relationship, as life is full of ups and downs. No matter at what level your relationship is, if you want it to work, it requires hard work, patience, trust and lots of love. So if you think you have found that one person who might bring your life closest to Perfect, then may be it is time!

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Sumity Sahi

Sumity Sahi has over six years experience as an English Language and Literature teacher. Being an Army brat and now an Army wife, Sumity sees positive even in the most severe situations. Click here to be taken to her full bio.

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