Final Winter by Iain Rob Wright (Book Review)

The Final Winter by Iain Rob Wright

Publisher: Silk Raven Associates

Publication Date: May 23, 2011

Kindle Edition: 343 Pages

Print Edition: 224 Pages

Language: English

Whoever thought you could get stuck in a pub with complete strangers? Is that pure evil lurking outside or something else completely? The winter storm of the century just took off because of one man, or is it possibly an extinction event that just might be the end of everything supreme.

Damian, local drug dealer finds himself stranded at the local pub, trumpet when the fiercest winter storm blows into town.  Everyone fears him, everyone has their secrets, but is there more to Damien than everyone thinks?  Damien is one of those characters, you have to give them time, to truly understand what is really happening.

Harry, the Trumpet’s local drunk who has caused unbearable pain when he killed the drunk driver who mowed down his family, ironic isn’t it. Harry has been wasting his life away over the last few years and now reckoning has come?

Steph the trumpet’s barmaid who is Ultimately responsible for the bar. Steph unfortunitely is caught in a bad situation on this night. To think all she wants is to open a pet salon. Will she ever get that chance?

The Final Winter has a perspective that makes you think about some of the sins that you have committed, I can’t say to much because I might accidentally give away something. I will say that this book is about Armageddon and it can’t be stopped.

In my honest opinion, the Final Winter got me thinking about some of the sins that I have committed. It made me see some things that, if I don’t be careful, I may end up going to hell for. Final Winter also has some happy times, even during creepy times.

Final Winter is an rollercoaster that starts just like a rollercoaster. It starts rolling, it builds up suspense, then it reaches the peak and then starts going down hill. It never stops though, it throws you so many twists and turns, it seems like the book will continue. I would recommend this book for anybody, who is looking for a good book to read.


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