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Getting what You want in your career

A lot of people wonder how they will get what they want in terms of career. When a person knows what he or she wants, it can be seen in their behaviors and habits. People like them are inspiring but that does not mean you cannot be like that. Aside from self-help books that you can read, searching the internet for steps or tips to consider to get what you want in your career. Although, some of them could be overwhelming and could discourage the person from going further. What you need to read is a simple post such as this one, to give you information on what you need to know about this.

The truth about professional life

There is a tendency that you will change jobs every few years and go through 3 or more distinct fields of work. In reality, this will make your future unimaginable because of the twists and turns that will require great navigation skills. This does not mean you are hopeless because you can still decide on what you want to stick with and make sure it fulfills you.

Do not stay down

When you hit a roadblock, do not get discouraged and give up. This is what divides the exceptional from the average. You want to become exceptional! If you fail, pick yourself up right away and go on. According to statistics, you are going to experience setbacks than successes in your life and career. Once you pick yourself up, you will realize that the successes are more valuable. You will not achieve anything you want if you give up right away.

Find who you want to emulate

Ask yourself who makes you envy and has the same career as you. Aim high and the main thing is to open your mind to possibilities. Research about this person’s life, especially before they reached the peak of their game. Find out what the significant transitions are and periods of discovery.


If you want to know how to get what you want from life, envision yourself and your professional skills that are definitive of who your personality as a professional. After that, think of yourself as a commodity in an economic setting. Like a corporation that needs to operate mainly on the path to economic success. When you manage your career in a business perspective, your odds of living life based on what you want will increase.

Try another approach

If an approach did not work for you, try another one to achieve a different result. This means that in achieving what you want, you can choose another way to get it. This is also important when it comes to planning because you should have thought of more than 1 way in case the original plan fails. Some people had to try more than once to get what they want and that might be the case for you too.

Help others

This is a paradox, but it is effective. When you need someone’s help, do not ask for it. what you can do instead is to help that person achieve their goal. If you do not know what this person wants, ask them what it is. Since a lot of people are only helping themselves, when you truly help others, you are going to stand out. Those people you’ve helped before will do the same for your in return so you will succeed too. Do not expect anything in return when you help others, but the returns will be big and it might surprise you.

Identify the obstacles and get rid of them

There are small and big barriers but you must remember that getting a ‘no’ is not going to threaten your life, which is why you must always ask. The constraints, concerns, or mindset of your boss may not be the same as yours, you can still present your request without neglecting the problem. All you have to do is prepare for the potential barriers that may try to hinder your request.

Blind loyalty should be avoided

Those people who fell into the trap of job security only get blind loyalty in return, and you will see where they are now. Continue to believe that loyalty will get job security and you will be the company’s ideal pawn. After that, you will realize that your career was only filled with jobs that made you psychologically uncomfortable around employers who only took your energy and skills and terminated you without thinking twice. This is an old idea that comes with a commitment to professional success.

Be true to yourself

Being authentic to yourself makes achieving success feel easier. When you are authentic, vulnerable, and transparent, you will be more trustworthy.  If you are trusted by people, they will not think twice about working with you and whenever someone requires the expertise you offer, they will refer you right away. Opening up to people is taking a chance that will be rewarded in the long run.

If you feel uneasy in your career path right now, remember that success is not achieved overnight and the most influential people of today experienced a lot of setbacks, rejections and failures. When you stick to your goal and refuse to give up, you can achieve great things and live a meaningful life.


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