Month: August 2018

Book Review: Nobody’s girl by Barbara Amaya

From the memoirs of Barbara Amaya, comes Nobody’s girl. Barbara tells her struggle from being molested by her family, to how she got caught up in sex trafficking. She never thought in a million years, she would be caught up in so much crime.
Barbara goes on to tell her story and how she ran away, when she was young. It’s a story, that will have you thinking different by the end of the book.
I can honestly say, “This book, Nobody’s Girl was a story that made me look at things different………..

Arc, The Siren and The Specter by Jonathan Janz

David is a respectable writer in his field, being known across the globe. But when his friend Chris and his wife Katherine Mayr invite him to the Alexander house, what has David bargained for to much this time? Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse? Your old friends turn against you. A haunted house that use to belong to Judson Alexander, the psycho everyone used to call “Governor.”