How to Interview a Business Professional: For Freelancers

  Recently, I started back writing, again. This time not just for myself, but for others.  To showcase my talents, to attract Followers, to make money as a writer and to create articles I can be proud of. So I started doing research, I found myself wanting to write reviews, create lists of helpful things, interviewing people, etc. I have compiled a short list of some questions that you can ask the next time you interview people or even a Business Professional.

Children and Drugs: Tips to Prevent Accidental Exposure

Did your child accidentally get exposed to drugs recently (no not the illegal kind.) Even though you can use these tips for the same purposes, this article is not about those type of drugs.  If your child was exposed to that type of illegal substance, I hope they put your child in a home, were the family actually cares about the child.  Obviously, you didn’t care about them or their well being.